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Proffesional Practices

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Making Futures: Received an e-mail from college about making futures an art conference being held over at Mount Edgcumbe, realising for the first time this year that this is an amazing opportunity to get a decent (enough) c.v. over the next year and then top up year should I choose to do it (which I think I probably shall.). We got together a few days later after liaising online as I had no phone. The fact that I had no phone didn’t end up being too much of a problem, but I am now equipped so things will just be easier and have been since. A few of us met up on Wednesday the day before the shoot and went over to mount edgcumbe to check out the set-up and get a sense of direction in both filming the event and navigating a massive-ass country house. It was pretty standard I would imagine to your normal conference/business function malarky with a boom up front towards the person speaking and me about 20ft away with a sony Z-1 and external recording do-hicky. The shooting on the first day went ok we arrived earlier than we needed to as we were asked to do so anyway, filmed the plenary sessions in the morning and went to our allocated cameras throughout said house. When I arrived I was immediately asked about a podium type platform for the speaker but they used the technical term and after a few braindead attempts it finally computed and I went off to find something, I then came back and was asked about a remote for the projector bearing in mind I didn’t set up anything nor do I even know how to use a projector but went to find someone who could help. I think the fact that I wore black suitish attire maybe lent to the questioning and then someone thinking I was a speaker the second day!


I did what I could obviously and had my teeth in so no qualms just trying to be professional about things and also knowing that I was out representing the college. The Plenary sessions ended up going over when I shot them on the second day and I somehow managed to capture it without any issue and was fully engrossed in the topic anyway, it was a talk about how mobile phones are used in third worlds for farmers and for people to send home money to their families all at the cost of head cancer if they managed to live 20 years…but still useful at present. In my actual room for the conference it was pretty much the same thing as you can see by the picture it was all running via the mains so rather than strangle the back row of listeners “looking for that perfect shot” stood there occasionally zooming,tweaking (not twerking) audio levels, and watching the timer on the tape as the camera still needs to be tricked into thinking it’s shooting to camera. I didn’t have any issues with this shoot I managed to log as I went not knowing whether or not I was going to edit and am still sort of sketchy on what’s going on.

Press release for Drawn to the Valley

Drawn to the Valley:

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Risk Assessment

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Drawn to the valley was a community event in which artist and local crafts people from the Tamar Valley area of Cornwall put on workshops for local children who came over the weekend and joined in the fun even rounded off with an impromptu martial arts exhibit the justification of this was that they were drawing in light, whether or not that was actually the point or whether or not that sounded good as the sun came out after a muggy start  will remain unanswered in history! First we got hold of the event-holder via e-mail after being given the address in response to an advert posted on the college blog (which clearly works as a system.) and asked what sort of outcome she wanted and how to portray what was going on, we were pretty much given creative freedom in shooting and editing footage down to create a short promo video for the event which will be available for people to stream on the group’s web-site. We travelled pretty light with a fig-rig 2 DLSR’s, tripod, a small boom to hold by hand, headphones and a ZOOM just because I have an unhealthy obsession and want to empty all the batteries in the world! Something happened towards the end of the day either with the zoom or the microphone I will have to speak to someone who knows more when we are trying to salvage the sound. The day started off drab but this didn’t prove to be problematic, the location was all one marquee the people weren’t too freaked out all though a few children froze up with the camera but we have enough to work with and intend to have it finished by the end of next week.


Ok so with the edit taking a little longer than we had expected we decided to do a voice-over, as the footage that we had taken on the actual event was completely lost in parts not entirely sure why it was like this as on the day it sounded ok. The way to resolve this is to next time do some test audio when first hiring out the equipment. We edited what we had and sent it to the client to give some sort of guidance on what sort of direction she wanted to take with it, apparently we had put too much emphasis on the venue and also where we had time-lapsed people coming and going it was found to be too confusing. We will have to re-think what we’re doing luckily there isn’t a massive focus on the deadline for this project although it will need to be viewed in the next few weeks by other people that work with the Drawn to the Valley group. The issue with the sped-up footage was that because the day was a little dead we thought it would possibly make it look a little busier but if it’s not right, well it just aint right is it! We will regroup over the next few days and see what we can muster up whilst delivering the best product we can, then move on from it as there are more things to be getting on with right now


Still not quite there we have Tessa coming in on Wednesday to talk to her about a live script

here are some screen-grabs

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 15.03.24 Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 15.04.23 Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 15.18.29 Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 15.18.34 Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 15.18.56 Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 15.32.54 Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 15.33.46

It has been a couple of weeks since we have had any sort of correspondance with Tessa so got her in the edit suite this week so as not to let the project go stale, especially with the end of term coming up. It honestly was a personal choice of ours to try and tie this up not just to fit the deadline, I personally hadn’t realised how much time had escaped me. We kept the main structure after giving it some thought when we had corresponded with Tessa before she had said that some of it was confusing with regards to the art gallery that had been there. I thought as the video was for a web promotion on Twitter and Facebook and also being aimed at parents as well in order to raise general awareness for the group, the best music to use would be some good old The audio which had been taken from the day was not completely lost but we ended up with about 1/3 of the footage we had intended to get using the EMC and the Zoom. I personally from now on will put just as much focus on setting up the audio I know this seems like common sense, because as it stands I did everything the right way in terms of actually setting the equipment up. I just didn’t give enough thought as to what would/should happen when I encountered a problem, in this instance the problem was with the micraphone had I taken the time to test it was working the night before I had the shoot this problem could have been resolved or at least better understood.We had been asked by the client to show something of the art gallery that had been set up by the funders to run along with the event at Mt Edgcumbe and so we did. Originally our focus had been on how we were going to fit all these things together and get some sort of continuity to show the feel of the event. None of this was possible without a voice-over the day that we had shot, Tessa the event organiser had given us an amazing speel of everything about the organisation the day itself and people involved was completely fluid and would have been perfect for creating the right track to run along the short video (originally intended to be around two minutes.), but alas was just drowned out by background noise and kids screaming (want to reference something funny here, trying hard to keep it together). So stepping away and giving it some thought decided to try and go with her explaining the video which was already playing on a screen in front of her and the day to try and recreate the atmosphere in her mind to try and capture some of that natural fluidity from before. This was helpful in various ways after and we now had an introduction to everyone and their individual workshops the names of funders for the credits and there had been a workshop on the day which was Tai Kwondo this was supposed to symbolise drawing in light, the concept itself was very arty so wanted to show this and be able to explain the relevance of it , it would be completely lost without her extra help.The last part is tie all paper work together and

IMG_20131204_175236 IMG_20131204_175346
(some shots of the re-recording of the audio with Tessa, same mic less problems!)

Feedback from the project

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 15.17.05

My Time to Shine:
My role in this production is the story-board artist/writer after I had put myself down for position of writer our first project Drawn to the Valley had gotten a little longer than we had expected due to audio issues, I decided to step back as one of my peers had expressed a great interest in wanting to learn how to write etc… and as I am taking on the task for contemporary I thought I would play the back-ground. My proposal if you will is to liaise with the director and the director of photography this week so we can set a clear idea of what they want, and in turn I will go away and do several storyboards in various styles until one fits or I have enough to pass the module! I have found a piece of software which I intend to do at least one, it is aimed at people who aren’t very artistic for confidence building within projects I think, as I can actually draw I just thought I’d see if this was maybe the way to go about giving a clear concise version of events. I have been sent the script and it really shouldn’t get to hard it’s dialogue and a musical number , but the rest is relative to the D.O.P. (Liam)

I have started looking at storyboards from other well known films first, I have always had a great interest in storyboards and graphic novels (especially story boards that have been grafted into graphic novels) and collected a few along the way which I will refer to some of my favourite are

(first)The Fountain (Kent Williams) (second)  Star wars Episode 1 (Mark Storey) (third) Psycho (Saul Bass)
star-wars-episode-i-storyboard-image-6-600x259psycho these are a few that stick out when I think of storyboarding although I am intesretd to look at scoresese’s work as I have heard he started out wanting to be an animator, using flick-books when he had no other means.

We met with Mike to discuss the plans for the musical think he didn’t get on with the idea though at the time he seemed to “be on a level” people have decided to drop out and we are hopefully going to find out about a new director. I am hoping that I can just stay in the position I am in already though if we are to continue to work with the client the script will have to be re-written as that was the focus we discussed…

(Press release for my time to shine)

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 15.05.53

Music of the Night

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 15.42.49

A night of music radio people local sellers and a possible flash mob, the gig is on the 13th December at the Guild Hall. I have asked Kurt to come along as the more the merrier I thought I would be shooting alone so quite glad about this, I intend to record the audio via the Zoom directly from the desk but also will have it recording via the built in mics as well so creating a live ambience from crowd reactions etc… we will be using 3 600D DLSRs one on a shoulder mount one roaming and one static to film people entering the building. I have recently spoken to the event organisers and they basically want full coverage of the entire night not just the music this will include some behind the scenes footage, a radio show for the winner of the evening and they have also requested someone filming the judging panels so will be alot of editing but sounds like a lot of fun. The outcome will be used by the NBC Radio the event organisers and also potentially shown on the big screen in town so watch this/that space…


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