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Contemporary Practices.


so on the side-line I have a script that I am working on and have also been tasked to help with the re-writing of the script for a short musicl for an external client, I will attempt to get both of them finished to give a contrast in my work. I am still not entirely sure which part of the creative process I am actually most excited about (pre/post production),but am a keen writer so this will be the main focus.

With this in mind I keep getting confused as to the task at hand!

I keep going to show people the idea and basis behind my short and getting stuck talking about the musical and somehow the other day managed to digress into political cartoon strips. I think as I had to show my blog I felt perhaps put on the spot talked more or less like a self-aware parrot on amphetamines about what I thought the question was this however was not the case. My intenti0n is to write and storyboard a piece for my final major project which I have started to do in my own way,

after mentioning the Pilgrim Bible Fellowship in passing conversation I thought I’d put some up here for the tutors to look at if they’ve not come across it before.




So where as it has been a while, it’s not to say that I have/haven’t been slaving over a metaphorical stove brimming with ideas and otherwise story related articles, the Christmas period did kind of take it out of me, but none-the-less I have been working quietly offline on the beginning (and end) of “Scrotes” a short film which I endeavour to make as my final major, we shall see how this pans out. I should probably get to the basics of how this script started coming about, firstly I didn’t properly understand the task at hand and was looking to tie in two classes together thinking that would cover the criteria, but HOLD UP! the criteria just changed and I don’t really want to be just a storyboard artist as I have a lot more focus on writing. So now we have to submit a “no longer than 15 minute film”, first call port of call is some test shots so I will pop out to a local park and get some tonight as Astor Playing Field in Cattedown it’s lit up perfectly at night very dim very grim VERY run-down and  begging to be filmed lest it’s apparent vulgarity be overlooked.

The story follows a group of young men (just leaving school not really knowing where they are at types) who frequent a local park and generally spend days together not really achieving much. They are seemingly lost in a world that has forgotten about them, but in return they never really cared much for it either. Our cronies have never seen the point in socialising online and so offline serves them well, they are cast out by people because of their weird behaviour which involves going to the park and playing outside , it’s a satyrical look at people  their age as it seems no one wants to play outside these days. The ongoing themes in this piece will be social networking and inclusion stalking and friendship mixed with a little bit of tragedy. (maybe a lot of tragedy.)

So let’s talk more in depth about my motivation for this piece I will give a brief overview of what has inspired me to write what is becoming bigger and bigger every time i pick up a pen.

motivation firstly is…


Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 16.09.47

This wonderful gift-wrapped turd by Channel 4 makes out like life is one huge student union having sex on drugs, the simple story lines are not too far off your average soaps, it is really mind numbing and everything about it is linear. With all of this in mind though it does have a specific look to it, whether or not it is in the editing and the camera work used, but my intention is to watch some “how it’s made type stuff” on it so I can give the same theme that they so carefully crafter for their own, as a little response to how I view, how they view the people that view it! The show is awash with STD’s sex rape drugs even some ex-eastenders for good measure, I find it completely irresponsible as it is on for anyone to watch on a Sunday or similarly online, the way that it is shot is trying far too hard to be gritty and their whole reasoning for things looking dark and sad stick out like a sore thumb (with a heroin problem!). If I can imitate this specific look then I am onto a winner, it has the while Channel 4 stamp all over it and is rather pretty to look at although it’s not that great for you not too dissimilar to the sun.

(here is the link to the Skins Channel 4 web-site should you be so inclined!)




I found some videos of the post production process of Skins on the Channel 4 website, on average an episode of skins has about 800-1000 shots to be edited and a lot of the way they get the specific look is through the grading so I will have to get some test shots and see what I can do. I have recently bought a Canon 600d and this will give me a chance to use it and then have a crack at colour-enhancing and grading. The Skins team put a lot of focus on the soundtrack working with various composers to give each episode it’s own soundtrack as if it were a short film, which is essentially why it achieves looking like a short film with a bad soundtrack quite well. I started looking for any tips on how they do their lighting, colour correction and so on, I couldn’t find anything that specific but I will try and contact someone if possible. Right now I have started looking into similar Channel 4 shows also toying with the idea of Ideal the show with Johnny Vegas. I have come to a point with my script where I am happy with it, however I have no idea how to write a screen play in the required format for the project, so will have to look for help online. I managed to find an app. called CeltX that’s simple and neat to use, giving the guise of professionalism!


I guess another point of reference would be Black Mirror by Charlie Brooker, this is not an intentional reference it’s just there aren’t that many mainstream programs that make fun of the same elements. Everyone I have spoken to about the project seems to come back to this I think this is mainly as they know I study film and don’t like the way the world is, so therefore somewhat like Charlie Brooker.

I suppose this isn’t such a bad thing to be told, but that’s not what this is at all. I do find the references are very similar but this is a more quirky take on youth culture as oppose to a modernistic Soilent Green.

The other one to mention that is possibly also relevant is Nathan Barley



Dating advertisement.

The film starts off with a satirical advert for a fake dating advertising agency that I will fabricate using an on-line web builder tool. I have spent time looking at what makes a stereotypical dating agency seem appealing to their target audience. Not being part of that audience myself I hope that some reoccurring themes will crop up and these will be the little nuggets I use to make it all the more real and sarcastic. A lot of the themes of peoples on-line profiles are based around the old-school a/s/l (age sex location) mixed with a bit of  wage related stuff and obviously subscriptions. spends half of it’s income on adverts bringing in 5.4 million paying members in 2009 and 6.9 million of them in 2010. Some new websites like Grindr have functions that actually enable paying users to see how close they are from other members via GPS locations…bad technology! no! the next part of my research is to watch a lot of dating site adverts so here goes…

Our audience is immediately thrown into a sepia 70’s throw back world where robotic hipsters all sing like Lilly Allen. We see a girl in a knitted jumper that she’s wearing with along with a dusty record shop combo that she had laying about her communal squat in Peckham contemplating and then playing a small organ in an oh-so-carefree manner. She begins by playing a chord and we see a boy in a casual suit jacket t shirt combo who clearly just doesn’t care what people think about him enter and play a chord at the same time and guess what…it’s only the same chord! They started singing and they find out they both like watching movies not just any movies old ones what are the odds in that, but he likes The Godfather part 3 and no one really likes that much so we know he’s got quirk. The girl responds by sounding like a crazy woman announcing she’s impulsive and laughs in her sleep *SEE BIPOLAR/SLEEP PSYCHOSIS,  but he sings back with her so you know it’s going to be ok. The shop is awash with vintage attire/hipster clutter and all those Mumford n sons type instruments that you used to just associate with having to do mandatory country dancing at schools on a nationwide scale in preparation for the end of times great dixie Armageddon. They finish playing and they both look at each other for a long time I think they’re having a staring competition, but it gets rudely interrupted by an old lady’s voice trying to love or something to that effect.

So……all that aside what does this advert tell us, well they start off in a shop clearly set around London or another peroxide metropolis it’s filled with interest such as instruments, film names, hipster culture and it’s aimed at a very specific age range.

“Elite” Singles…shocking! One would expect the 1% to have better contingencies for dating surely they still have cousins. This advert has got a sailing boat and nautical theme some handsome chap in a royal blue suit with a campy voiceover guy, and a company logo that looks suspiciously like a tennis emblem. This advert says it all it gets the point across to an “elitist” audience who are really just jumped up normal people that are bordering middle class middle age and saving the world buying fair trade thinking they are truly better than the lottery playing toothless big-eared farm boys.

I think this must be a working-class fetish web-site where a girl  at a desk  who reads a lot of books about finding love has just created her character profile for Uniform Dating as soon as she does we are rushed into an even worse animation where everyone is normal and there are 3 guys in uniform running through the streets like loons to get to the woman (who has now somehow gotten herself stuck in her computer ). They all stand around trying not to seem too full on as it is only around 20 seconds after she initially posted her BIO, but it’s ok because she likes guys in uniform?!

Ok so apparently people can’t do things for themselves and what a way to tamper with peoples lives, menace all your single friends now hopefully they have a GSOH about it. This is shot at quite wide angles making it seems roomy and full of detail when really the information your being given is quite specific books computers pianos etc they are all comfortably in their own domain which connotes accessibility. Shots of things are slightly askew the lamp shade is tilted the desk seems too angular I am not sure what this look is attempting to achieve, perhaps I am not the target audience…perhaps.

This is one of a series of adverts made for they are noted for usually spending half of their revenue of their advertising. The majority of said advertising is plugged on-line, but they still bought out some narrative based television spots where women get into calamitous situations with guys then decide it’s best things are done on their terms so as not to damage their sense of independence.

(aimed at your more accident prone independent 30-40 year old women.)

just a funny little video I found which was done near enough how I was intending to shoot mine so why don’t we talk about that…

so what have we found out about online dating sites, well they are always targeted at a certain type of person, whether it’s vague or specific it might be fun to try both of these extremes out, maybe even merging them “Cat-loving Nazi” or something to that effect, they almost always bombard you with interesting things tailored to quite normal interests, boats music books (these are interesting things really, but are sort of dissected and placed hanging from IKEA culture. There is a  lot of over exposure with spacious shots, voice overs and people breaking the fourth wall almost always ending on a logo with a saxophone playing, food friends life has white back grounds and everyone really just wants to have sex.

Shooting and making the advert

ok so now we have a vague script and an actor for the shoot this will be one Kurt Osbourne and here is a rough idea

Hola stranger

and a logo created for free on logo an online tool that let’s you make and or pay for a logo… I did not.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 14.31.21

this one works as it looks like your typical dating site font anyway at least a low-budget one, I also made this

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 15.22.11

but maybe that’s too odd for a dating company, the first one will do.

Shoot is tomorrow and should take a couple of hours I decided against my idea of editing a video as I didn’t want to have to spend all that time editing I would rather be out using my camera and trying to gain composure in that aspect, the edit still however should take a while to get just right, it should have the right mix of cut-aways and a medium length shot at the end of kurt riding a bus ( to show that he is every day people) and borrowing the technique of whiting out people using this technique I was recommended by a friend. I did intend to make the music for the advert myself but am having issues with my midi keyboard at the moment so due to the amount of time I have I will use a track from

here’s the finished advert


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